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今天小编为大家详细分享以下新SATOG 题目解析,让大家对新SAT考试有一个更深的了解。


The first time I visited the Art Institute of Chicago, I expected to be impressed by its famous large paintings. (1)On one hand, I couldn’t wait to view (2)painter, Georges Seurat’s, 10-foot-wideA Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte in its full size. It took me by surprise, then, when my favorite exhibit at the museum was one of(3)it’s tiniest; the Thorne Miniature Rooms.


(B)For instance,




题目剖析:看到这些逻辑词自然就是逻辑题无疑了~那么咱们的解题办法就是看上下句理解原文:前面说的是作者期望想被large paintings震撼一下;后面说的是我迫不及待地想去参观GS的一幅画;那么这两句话之间只能用“举例子”的逻辑关系连接啦~所以答案选B;江湖上一直说在逻辑题中,however和for instance是两个比较容易选的答案,具体真假只有靠自己亲自刷题来检验啦!


(B)painter, Georges Seurat’s

(C)painter Georges Seurat’s,

(D)painter Georges Seurat’s


题目剖析:首先A 选项,view+动词宾语,动词宾语和前面的动词之间不能加逗号;然后B 选项painter/physicist/ engineer/astronaut等职业名词+人名;中间一般不加逗号;最后C选项这里Seurat’s是一种形容词性物主代词格式后面加名词不能加逗号;所以答案选D;


(B)its tiniest;

(C)its tiniest:

(D)it’s tiniest,


题目剖析:英语中的分号,句号,以及叹号和问号都属于结句符号,这些标点的前后都必须要是完整的句子才行;所以 AB 选项后面并不是一个句子 ,所以先排除AB;这里的the Thorne Miniature Rooms明显就是前面的its tinies后面的冒号表示引出这里的最小的东西叫什么;D 选项肯定不是it’s,因为it's=it is ;这个D 选项是肯定来负责搞笑的!不过新SAT有想拿its和it’s当重要考点的意思。


Viewing the exhibit, I was amazed by the intricate details of some of the more ornately decorated rooms. I marveled at a replica of a salon (a formal living room) dating back to the reign of French king Louis XV.(4)Built into the dark paneled walls are bookshelves stocked with leather-bound volumes. The couch and chairs, in keeping with the style of the time, are characterized by elegantly curved arms and(5)legs, they are covered in luxurious velvet. A dime-sized portrait of a French aristocratic woman hangs in a golden frame.

4. At this point, the writer is considering adding the following sentence.

Some scholars argue that the excesses of King Louis XV’s reign contributed significantly to the conditions that resulted in the French Revolution.

Should the writer make this addition here?

(A)Yes, because it provides historical context for the Thorne Miniature Rooms exhibit.

(B)Yes, because it explains why salons are often ornately decorated.

(C)No, because it interrupts the paragraph’s description of the miniature salon.

(D)No, because it implies that the interior designer of the salon had political motivations.


题目剖析:“一些学者认为,国王路易十五统治时期的过度支出在很大程度上造成了导致法国的革命”。这句话我相信大家只要能翻译出来就知道是句完全无厘头的句子吧~果断C !删句子或者不加句子题一般就以下两种理由:1. 乱入(打破句子逻辑);2.重复啰嗦(前文已经给出过这个信息)!(此处该有笔记)!



(B)legs, the couch and chairs

(C)legs and


考点:run - on sentence;不间断句子;双谓语(一个句子中只能含有一个动词!)



This exhibit showcases sixty-eight miniature rooms inserted into a wall at eye level. Each furnished room consists of three walls; the fourth wall is a glass pane through which museumgoers observe. The rooms and their furnishings were painstakingly created to scale at 1/12th their actual size, so that one inch in the exhibit correlates with one foot in real life. A couch, for example, is seven inches long, and (6)that is based on a seven-foot-long couch. Each room represents a distinctive style of European, American, or Asian interior design from the thirteenth to twentieth centuries.

6. Which choice gives a second supporting example that is most similar to the example already in the sentence?


(B)a tea cup is about a quarter of an inch.

(C)there are even tiny cushions on some.

(D)household items are also on this scale.


题目剖析:平行结构就四个字:“形合意合”;这里不仅要跟前面的形式上平行,意思上还要符合;因为前面说的是for example,所以肯定就是对一些household items举一些具体的例子才行,也就是“a tea cup”所以答案选B;


The plainer rooms are more sparsely (7)furnished. Their architectural features, furnishings, and decorations are just as true to the periods they represent. One of my favorite rooms in the whole exhibit, in fact, is an 1885 summer kitchen. The room is simple but spacious, with a small sink and counter along one wall, a cast-iron wood stove and some hanging pots and pans against another wall, and(8)a small table under a window of the third wall. Aside from a few simple wooden chairs placed near the edges of the room, the floor is open and obviously well worn.

7. Which choice most effectively combines the sentences at the underlined portion?

(A)furnished by their

(B)furnished, but their

(C)furnished: their

(D)furnished, whereas


题目剖析:这里前面说“sparsely furnished ”但是它们的features等都是“just as true to the periods ”;所以就是转折关系喽~;BD都是转折关系,whereas也是连词,但是whereas后面缺少代词their导致whereas里面的主语指代不清;而且whereas一般指的是那种“反之”的转折,在这里也不太合适!所以答案选B;

8. Which choice most closely matches the stylistic pattern established earlier in the sentence?


(B)a small table is under the third wall’s window.

(C)the third wall has a window and small table.

(D)the third wall has a small table against it and a window.


题目剖析:我真不知道这出题人当时是怎么想的,跟6题一模一样,那就考察咱们的观察能力了,前面都是....counter along one wall, …..against another wall,and ….under a window of the third wall;选A;


As I walked through the exhibit, I overheard a (9)visitors’ remark, “You know, that grandfather clock actually runs. Its glass door swings open, and the clock can be wound up.” (10)Dotted with pin-sized knobs, another visitor noticed my fascination with a tiny writing desk and its drawers. “All of those little drawers pull out. And you see that hutch? Can you believe it has a secret compartment?” Given the exquisite craftsmanship and level of detail I’d already seen, I certainly could.

Question 10 asks about the previous passage as a whole.



(B)visitors remarking,

(C)visitor remarked,

(D)visitor remark,


题目剖析:前面的冠词 a 就秒排除AB visitors复数;overhear属于感官动词:同样的感官动词还有:feel,hear,notice,observe,see,smell,watch,perceive,listen 等跟其他的感动动词一样,最常见的用法有两种:overhear sb. do sth.偶然听到某人做某事(全过程);overhear sb. doing sth.偶然听到某人正在做某事(片段)所以本题选D;



(B)Another visitor, dotted with pin-sized knobs, noticed my fascination with a tiny writing desk and its drawers.

(C)Another visitor dotted with pin-sized knobs noticed my fascination with a tiny writing desk and its drawers.

(D)Another visitor noticed my fascination with a tiny writing desk and its drawers, dotted with pin-sized knobs.



A选项看到分词成分放在句首自然首先想的就是悬挂结构了“x,svo”就会导致是visitor被 dotted with pin-sized knobs;其次,这里dotted with pin-sized knobs显然应该是修饰的drawers所以就挨着近点放呗,干嘛要给读者造成不必要的阅读负担咧~这就是状语或者分词的就近修饰原则,所以答案选D;

11. To make the passage most logical, paragraph 2 should be placed.

(A)where it is now.

(B)after paragraph 3.

(C)after paragraph 4.

(D)after paragraph 5.


题目剖析:像这种段落排序题,被排序的段落的段首句是很关键的,这里面的关键词就是“more ornately decorated room”潜台词就是说在这句话前面一定提到room才行,也就是第3段先对整个room的overview接下里才是第2段和地4段对这些room的具体的描述~所以答案选B;