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新SAT写作高分词汇总结 提升写作分数就靠这些词

2016年08月24日14:14 来源:小站教育作者:小站SAT编辑
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SAT写作部分仍然需要一些高级的词汇来为文章增加亮点, 这看似和老SAT写作的要求一致,但是,由于新SAT写作部分题型的变化,考生需要掌握的相关词汇也会有一些不同,本文将为大家分享一下小站老师精心总结可以替换的几类高级词汇,以帮助考生提升行文效果。

新SAT写作高分词汇总结 提升写作分数就靠这些词图1



declare:The governors have to declare for protecting property right.

defend:He attempts to defend this position, justify it to his disciples who are worried that it may not be true.

endorse:Aristotle could never endorse the view stated by a famous American president that the business of America is business.

2) 证明……有理:

warrant:They are now of sufficient standing to warrant their entering the married state.

legitimize: The parameter of this system uses Fuzzy Theory to legitimize the parameter in the handbook.

substantiate:There is little scientific evidence to substantiate the claims.


clarify:The paper tries to clarify the role and advantage of education with English films as well as analyzes how to choose the appropriate teaching films.

define:You are required to define what metaphor is.

elucidate:On the basis of my own observations, I should like to elucidate a few problems concerning the Soviet Union and China.

illuminate:We hope that the discovery of the latter will further illuminate the basic structure of the universe.

interpret:The major focus of this thesis is how to reasonably interpret Chinese tense in the framework of Minimalist Program.


demur:Workers demur red at working on Sundays.

deprecate:The fashion now is to deprecate the positive contributions of Keynesian economics.

dissent:I dissent altogether from such an unwise idea.

remonstrate:Winson remonstrated with Becky about his rudeness.


negate:I think, Nietzsche did not reject science and not negate rationality completely.

refute:Although the Conservatives have never spelt this out, they had until Mr. Cameron’s latest remarks done nothing to refute the notion that reductions could be sharp.

repudiate:Leaders urged people to turn out in large numbers to repudiate the violence.



application:In the paper the application of wavelet transform is discussed in mechanical noise fault diagnosis.

employment:Although philosophy no longer uses Latin as its first language, many of Cicero’s philosophical terms are still in common employment today.

exploitation:We should make a rational exploitation and comprehensive use of our natural resources.


cogency: Active participation in discussion is essential to the life of the class and the force and cogency of students' remarks will have a marked influence on grades.

persuasiveness:The wonderful application of it can help enhance persuasivenessof advertising language

stringency:In exploring corporate strategies, case study carried in the paper also helps reinforce the points in stringency and practicability.


blemish:If there is the slightest blemish on it, it is rejected.

defect:A report has pointed out the defects of the present system.

flaw:His main flaw is that he shoots too much for a guy who isn’t really that good of a shooter.

imperfection:He concedes that there are imperfections in the current system.

新SAT写作高分词汇总结 提升写作分数就靠这些词图2



questionable: it is questionable that MBO has a positive effect on the performance of the listed companies in China.

unconvincing: This argument does not follow the facts and is therefore unconvincing due to several flaws in logic.

suspicious: Did you observe anything suspicious in that case?


vague: Most of us have some sort of vague idea about what happens to our assets when we die.

indefinite: I gave Winson an indefinite answer.

indistinct: The article holds that the administrative supervision function positioned by the "Lawof Supervision over Administration" is indistinct.

obscure: The rules for the competition are more or less obscure.


adequate: There’s no adequate evidence of the effect of Glutamine supplementation on prolonged exercise and high intensive training as well as injury.

ample: Agriculture has developed rapidly, thus providing light industry with ample raw materials.

generous: As the living fossil of ancient Chinese, the Quanzhou dialect carries the generous Minnan cultures.

sufficient: Having a good command of a sufficient vocabulary is the key to the successful use of English.


dependable: This is a best accurate and dependable test method at present.

trusty: The combines of GIS and virtual reality have supplied a more trusty theory for the research of the flight simulation system.

trustworthy: Numerical calculations show that the accuracies of the two improved assembling methods are trustworthy provided the frequency criterion proposed in this paper is adopted.








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