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新SAT考试阅读真题题目解析 3大备考题型干货资料分享

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新SAT考试阅读真题题目解析 3大备考题型干货资料分享图1

1、Words and Phrases词汇题

词汇题也是属于考察“信息和想法”的题型范畴,全称为 “Interpreting Words and Phrases in Context”,要求考生理解文中某个特定单词或词组的精准含义,重点是要依据上下文,对该单词或词组进行释义,即:从选项中找出原文单词或词组的替换词。


We know that the human brain is highly plastic; neurons and synapses change as circumstances change. When we adapt to a new cultural phenomenon, including the use of a new medium, we end up with a different brain, says Michael Merzenich, a pioneer of the field of neuroplasticity. That means our online habits continue to reverberate in the workings of our brain cells even when we’re not at a computer. We’re exercising the neural circuits devoted to skimming and multitasking while ignoring those used for reading and thinking deeply.

25. As used in line 40, “plastic” most nearly means

A) creative.

B) artificial.

C) malleable.

D) sculptural.

本题答案为 C。本题问的是 “plastic” 这个词的意思。这个词本身并不算难,最常见的意思就是“塑料的”,还有一个意思是 “可塑的” 。定位原文可以看到这个词的位置: “…the human brain is highly plastic;”, 可知plastic形容的是人类的大脑。此句后面是分号,而分号前后衔接的两句话有着紧密的联系,由分号后面的句子 “neurons and synapses change as circumstances change”可知,神经元和突触能随着环境的变化而变化。那么,这里的 “plastic” 显然含有 “可变化的” 或 “可适应的、可调节的” 含义。接下来分析选项。

A选项中的creative,有 “创造性的” 含义,与上述分析不符,因此排除。B选项中的artificial,有 “人造的” 含义,与上述分析不符,因此排除。C选项中的malleable,有 “可塑的、有延展性的、易适应的” 含义,符合上述分析,可以替代 “plastic” 这个词,因此C选项即为答案。D选项中的sculptural,有 “雕塑的” 含义,一般是指雕刻物体,排除。

2、Viewpoint Analysis (观点题)


新SAT考试阅读真题题目解析 3大备考题型干货资料分享图2

49. An unstated assumption made by the authors about clover is that the plants

A) do not produce pyrethrums.

B) are members of the Chrysanthemum genus

C) are usually located near wild-type honeybee colonies.

D) will not be a good food source for honeybees in the control colonies.

本题正确答案为A。本题询问关于clover,作者未明确说明的假设,也就是对clover的看法。题干提到了hypothesis,定位文章的lines42-47,This hypothesis …offered a number of pyrethrum producing plants, as well as a typical bee food source such as clover,在这句话中,as well as连接的两个部分分别是pyrethrum producing plants和typical bee food source,such as clover作者实际上是对比了这两种类型,其实我们可以推断出,既然两种是并列的关系,那么clover在作者看来,肯定不属于pyrethrum producing plants,和A选项符合,故为正确答案。


3、Analyzing Word Choice 措辞分析题

措辞分析题Analyzing Word Choice 属于“修辞”的题型范畴,主要考察作者的写作技能、运用的修辞手法以及文章的发展等内容。要求考生理解作者是如何挑选单词、短语和语言模式来影响文章的含义、语气和风格的。

It’s not a total surprise that an Indonesian volcano might be the source of the eruption, Miller says. “An equatorial eruption is more consistent with the apparent climate impacts.” And, he adds, with sulfate appearing in both polar ice caps—Arctic and Antarctic—there is “a strong consensus” that this also supports an equatorial source. Another possible candidate—both in terms of timing and geographical location—is Ecuador’s Quilotoa, estimated to have last erupted between 1147 and 1320 C.E. But when Lavigne’s team examined shards of volcanic glass from this volcano, they found that they didn’t match the chemical composition of the glass found in polar ice cores, whereas the Samalas glass is a much closer match.That, they suggest, further strengthens the case that Samalas was responsible for the medieval “year without summer” in 1258 C.E.

48. As used in line 68, the phrase “Another possible candidate” implies that

A) powerful volcanic eruptions occur frequently.

B) the effects of volcanic eruptions can last for centuries.

C) scientists know of other volcanoes that erupted during the Middle Ages.

D) other volcanoes have calderas that are very large.

本题答案为C。这道题问的是 “Another possible candidate” 暗示了什么。我们定位到Line 68发现这个短语在这段开头,因此我们需要结合上一段的内容来进行判断。上一段(Lines 61-67)主要讲的是 “Indonesian volcano” 也可能是爆发的来源。那么,下一段(Line 68)开头提到 “Another possible candidate…is Ecuador’s Quilotoa, estimated to have last erupted between 1147 and 1320 C.E.” 从 “another” 可以看出,这两段是并列关系,也就是说后面一段提到的 “Ecuador’s Quilotoa” 也可能是爆发的来源。

A选项说暗示了威力强大的火山爆发经常发生。仅一个 “another” 不足以说明 “occur frequently”,同时这也不能支撑文章主题强调的 “Source”,因此排除。B选项说暗示了火山爆发的影响能持续几个世纪。 但是 “Another possible candidate” 并不能体现关于时间的任何暗示,因此排除。C选项说暗示了科学家知道还有其它火山在中世纪时期爆发。正如我们之前分析的,“Another possible candidate” 是指 “Ecuador’s Quilotoa” 也可能是爆发的来源,也就是说,科学家知道“Ecuador’s Quilotoa” 也是在中世纪爆发的,该选项可以成立。D选项说暗示了其它火山的破火山口很大。从 “Another possible candidate” 无法推出该信息,排除。






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