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SAT(Barrons)巴朗3500基础词汇(List 46)

2017年09月04日14:52 来源:小站整理
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下面小站SAT思频道为大家整理的SAT(Barrons)巴朗3500基础词汇(List 46),供考生们参考,以下是详细内容。


Word List 46 tantrum-tonic

SAT(Barrons)巴朗3500基础词汇(List 46)图1

tantrum N./发脾气;暴怒/fit of petulance; caprice. The child learned that he could have almost anything if he had a tantrum.

tarantula N./毒蜘蛛/venomous spider. We need an antitoxin to counteract the bite of the tarantula.

tarry V./等候;逗留;混日子/delay; dawdle. We can't tarry if we want to get to the airport on time.

taut ADJ./紧张的;整洁的/tight; ready. The captain maintained that he ran a taut ship.

tautological ADJ./同义反复的/needlessly repetitious. In the sentence "It was visible to the eye, " the phrase "to the eye" is tautological.

tautology N./同义反复/unnecessary repetition. "Joyful happiness" is an illustration of tautology.

tawdry ADJ./俗丽的;便宜且华而不实/cheap and gaudy. He won a few tawdry trin­kets in Coney Island.

tedious ADJ./令人厌倦的/boring; tiring. The repetitious nature of work on the assembly line made Martin's job very tedious. tedium, N.

temerity N./鲁莽的/boldness; rashness. Do you have the temerity to argue with me?

temper V./中和;回火;调剂;锻炼/moderate; tone down or restrain; toughen (steel). Not even her supervisor's grumpiness could temper Nancy's enthusiasm for her new job.

temperamentN./气质;性情/characteristic frame of mind; disposition; emotional excess. Although the twins look alike, they differ markedly in temperament: Todd is calm, but Rod is excitable.

temperate ADJ./节制的;自我控制的/restrained; self-controlled; moderate in respect to temperature. Try to be temperate in your eating this holiday season; if you control your appetite, you won't gain too much weight.

tempestuous ADJ./有暴风雨的;暴乱的/stormy; impassioned; violent. Racket­throwing tennis star John McEnroe was famed for his dis­plays of tempestuous temperament.

tempo N./节奏,乐曲的速度/speed of music. I find the band's tempo too slow for such a lively dance.

temporal ADJ./暂时的/not lasting forever; limited by time; secular. At onetime in our history, temporal rulers assumed that they had been given their thrones by divine right.

temporize V./拖延时间;见风使舵/avoid commiting oneself; gain time. I cannot permit you to temporize any longer; I must have a definite answer today.

tenacious ADJ./顽强的/holding fast. I had to struggle to break his tenacious hold on my arm.

tenacity N./坚韧/firmness; persistence. Jean Valjean could not believe the tenacity of Inspector Javert. Here all Valjean had done was to steal a loaf of bread, and the inspector had pursued him doggedly for twenty years!

tendentious ADJ./偏见的;有目标的;预计好的/having an aim; biased; designed to fur­ther a cause. The editorials in this periodical are tenden­tious rather than truth-seeking.

tender V./提供;扩充/offer; extend. Although no formal charges had been made against him, in the wake of the recent scandal the mayor felt he should tender his resignation.

tenet N./原则;信条/doctrine; dogma. The agnostic did not accept the tenets of their faith.

tensile ADJ./可伸展的;可拉长的/capable of being stretched. Mountain climbers must know the tensile strength of their ropes. tentative ADJ.hesitant; not fully worked out or developed; experimental; not definite or positive. Unsure of his wel­come at the Christmas party, Scrooge took a tentative step into his nephew's drawing room.

tenuous ADJ./纤细的/thin; rare; slim. The allegiance of our allies is held by rather tenuousties.

tenure N./任期;(土地的)使用年限/holding of an office; time during which such an office is held. He has permanent tenure in this position and cannot be fired.

tepid ADJ./冷淡的;微热的/lukewarm. During the summer, I like to take a tepid bath, not a hot one.

terminationN./结束/end. Though the time for termination of the project was near, we still had a lot of work to finish before we shut up shop. terminate,V.

terminologyN./术语学/terms used in a science or art. The special terminology developed by some authorities in the field has done more to confuse the layman than to enlighten him. terminus N.last stop of railroad. After we reached the rail­road terminus, we continued our journey into the wilderness on saddle horses.

terrestrial ADJ./地的;地球的/earthly (as opposed to celestial); pertaining to the land. In many science fiction films, alien invaders from outer space plan to destroy all terrestrial life.

terse ADJ./简洁;扼要的/concise; abrupt; pithy. There is a fine line between speech that is terse and to the point and speech that is too abrupt.

testy ADJ./易怒的/irritable; short-tempered. My advice is to avoid discussing this problem with him today as he is rather testy and may shout at you.

tether V./用绳子绑;范围/tie with a rope. Before we went to sleep, we teth­ered the horses to prevent their wandering off during the night.

thematic ADJ./主题的;主题相关的/relating to a unifying motif or idea. Those who think ofMoby Dick as a simple adventure story about whaling miss its underlying thematic import.

theocracy N./神权政治/government run by religious leaders. Though some Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower favored the establish­ment of a theocracy in New England, many of their fellow voyagers preferred a nonreligious form of government.

theoretical ADJ./理论的/not practical or applied; hypothetical. Bob was better at applied engineering and computer program­ming than he was at theoretical physics and math. While I can still think of some theoretical objections to your plan, you've convinced me of its basic soundness.

therapeuticADJ./治疗的;治疗学的/curative. Now better known for its race­track, Saratoga Springs first gained attention for the thera­peutic qualities of its famous "healing waters." therapy, N.

thermal ADJ./热的;热学的/pertaining to heat. The natives discovered that the hot springs made excellent thermal baths and began to develop their community as a health resort. also N.

thespian ADJ./戏剧的/pertaining to drama. Her success in the school play convinced her she was destined for a thespian career. also N.

threadbare ADJ./褴褛的;破烂不堪的/worn through till the threads show; shabby and poor. The poor adjunct professor hid the threadbare spots on his jacket by sewing leather patches on his sleeves.

thrifty ADJ./节省的;抠包的/careful about money; economical. A thrifty shopper compares prices before making major purchases.

thrive V./繁荣;昌盛/prosper; flourish. Despite the impact of the reces­sion on the restaurant trade, Philip's cafe thrived.

throes N./剧痛/violent anguish. The throes of despair can be as devastating as the spasms accompanying physical pain.

throng N./聚集/crowd. Throngs of shoppers jammed the aisles. alsoV.

thwart V./阻碍;挫败/baffle; frustrate. He felt that everyone was trying to thwart his plans and prevent his success.

tightwad N./吝啬鬼/excessively frugal person; miser. Jill called Jack a tightwad because he never picked up the check.

tiller N./舵柄;农夫/handle used to move boat's rudder (to steer). Fearing the wind might shift suddenly and capsize the skiff, Tom kept one hand on the tiller at all times.

timidity N./胆怯/lack of self-confidence or courage. If you are to succeed as a salesman, you must first lose your timidity and fear of failure.

timorous ADJ./害怕的/fearful; demonstrating fear. His timorous manner betrayed the fear he felt at the moment.

tirade N./长篇慷慨激昂的演说/extended scolding; denunciation; harangue. Every time the boss holds a meeting, he goes into a lengthy tirade, scolding us for everything from tardiness to padding our expenses.

titanic ADJ./巨大的/gigantic. Titanic waves beat against the majes­tic S.S. Titanic, driving it against the concealed iceberg.

title N./名字;等级;拥有权/right or claim to possession; mark of rank; name (of a book, film, etc.). Though the penniless Duke of Ragwort no longer held title to the family estate, he still retained his title as head of one of England's oldest families.

titter N./神经质的笑/nervous laugh. Her aunt's constant titter nearly drove her mad. alsoV.

titular ADJ./有名无实的/nominal holding of title without obligations. Although he was the titular head of the company, the real decisions were made by his general manager.

toady N./谄媚的人;马屁精/servile flatterer; yes man. Never tell the boss any­thing he doesn't wish to hear: he doesn't want an indepen­dent adviser, he just wants a toady. alsoV.

tome N./册;卷/large volume. He spent much time in the libraries poring over ancient tomes.

tonic ADJ./精神充沛的/invigorating; refreshing. The tart homemade ginger ale had a tonic effect on Kit: she perked right up. also N.


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