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SAT(Barrons)巴朗3500基础词汇(List 45)

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下面小站SAT思频道为大家整理的SAT(Barrons)巴朗3500基础词汇(List 45),供考生们参考,以下是详细内容。


Word List 45 subliminal-tantamount

SAT(Barrons)巴朗3500基础词汇(List 45)图1

subliminal ADJ./低于极限的;下意识的/below the threshold. We may not be aware of the subliminal influences that affect our thinking.

submissiveADJ./屈服的;胆怯的/yielding; timid. When he refused to permit Elizabeth to marry her poet, Mr. Barrett expected her to be properly submissive; instead, she eloped!

subordinate ADJ./低级的;下级的;次要的/occupying a lower rank; inferior; submis­sive. Bishop Proudie's wife expected all the subordinate clergy to behave with great deference to the wife of their superior.

suborn V./教唆/persuade to act unlawfully (especially to commit perjury). In TheGodfather, the mobsters used bribery and threats to suborn the witnesses against Don Michael Cor­leone.

subpoena N./传票/writ summoning a witness to appear. The prosecutor's office was ready to serve a subpoena on the reluctant witness. alsoV.

subsequent ADJ./后来的;接下来的/following; later. In subsequent lessons, we shall take up more difficult problems.

subservientADJ./奴隶似的;奴性的/behaving like a slave; servile; obse­quious. He was proud and dignified; he refused to be sub­servient to anyone.

subside V./下沉;平息;减退/settle down; descend; grow quiet. The doctor assured us that the fever would eventually subside.

subsidiary ADJ./次要的;辅助的/subordinate; secondary. This information may be used assubsidiary evidence but is not sufficient by itself to prove your argument. also N.

subsidy N./政府的补助/direct financial aid by government, etc. Without this subsidy,American ship operators would not be able to compete in world markets.

subsistence N./存在;生存/existence; means of support; livelihood. In these days of inflated prices, my salary provides a mere subsistence.

substantial ADJ./坚实的;充实的/ample; solid; in essentials. The generous scholarship represented a substantial sum of money.

substantiateV./证实;验证/establish by evidence; verify; support. These endorsements from satisfied customers substantiate our claim that Barron's How to Prepare for the SAT I is the best SAT-prep book on the market.

substantiveADJ./真实的;有实质的;大量的/essential; pertaining to the substance. Although the delegates were aware of the importance of the problem, they could not agree on thesubstantive issues.

subterfuge N./借口;托辞/pretense; evasion. As soon as we realized that you had won our support by a subterfuge, we withdrew our endorsement of your candidacy.

subtlety N./精明;稀薄;微妙/perceptiveness; ingenuity; delicacy. Never obvious, she expressed herself with such subtlety that her remarks went right over the heads of most of her audience. subtle,ADJ.

subversive ADJ./颠覆性的;破坏性的/tending to overthrow; destructive. At first glance, the notion that styrofoam cups may actually be more ecologically sound than paper cups strikes most envi­ronmentalists as subversive.

succinct ADJ./简洁的;紧身的/brief; terse; compact. Don't bore your audi ence with excess verbiage: be succinct.

succor V./救援;援助/aid; assist; comfort. If you believe that con man has come here to succor you in your hour of need, you're an even bigger sucker than I thought. also N.

succulent ADJ./多汁的/juicy; full of richness. To some people, Florida citrus fruits are moresucculent than those from Cali­fornia. also N.

succumb V./屈服;屈从;死/yield; give in; die. I succumb to temptation whenever I see chocolate.

suffragist N./扩大参政权;扩大妇女参政权/advocate of voting rights (for women). In recognition of her efforts to win the vote for women, Con­gress authorized coining a silver dollar honoring the suf­fragistSusan B. Anthony

sully V./弄脏;玷污/tarnish; soil. He felt that it was beneath his dignity to sully his hands in such menial labor.

sultry ADJ./闷热的,酷热的;放荡的;粗暴的/sweltering. He could not adjust himself to the sultryclimate of the tropics.

summation N./结算;累计;总结/act of finding the total; summary. In his summation, the lawyer emphasized the testimony given by the two witnesses.

summit N./巅峰;顶点/utmost height or pinnacle; highest point (of a mountain, etc.) The summit of the amateur mountain climber's aspirations was someday to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

sumptuousADJ./奢侈的;华丽的/lavish; rich. I cannot recall when I have had such a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast.

sunder V./分裂/separate; part. Northern and southern Ireland are politically and religiously sundered.

supercilious ADJ./自大的;傲慢的/arrogant; condescending; patronizing. The supercilious headwaiter sneered at customers whom he thought did not fit in at a restaurant catering to an ultra­fashionable crowd.

superficial ADJ./肤浅的;浅薄的/trivial; shallow. Since your report gave only a superficial analysis of the problem, I cannot give you more than a passing grade.

superfluous ADJ./不必要的;多余的/unnecessary; excessive; overabundant. Betsy lacked the heart to tell June that the wedding present she brought was superfluous; she and Bob had already received five toasters. Please try not to include so many superfluous details in your report; just give me the facts. superfluity, N.

superimposeV./添加/place over something else. Your attempt to superimpose another agency in this field will merely increase the bureaucratic nature of our government.

supersede V./取代;推迟/cause to be set aside; replace; make obso­lete. The new bulk mailing postal regulation supersedes the old one. If you continue to follow the old regulation, your bulk mailing will be returned to you.

supplant V./篡位;取代/replace; usurp. Bolingbroke, later to be known as King Henry IV, fought to supplant his cousin, Richard III, as King of England.

supple ADJ./柔顺的;顺从的;柔韧的/flexible; pliant. Years of yoga exercises made Grace's body supple.

supplicate V./恳求;祈祷/petition humbly; pray to grant a favor. We supplicate Your Majesty to grant him amnesty.

supposition N./假定;假想/hypothesis; the act of supposing. I based my decision to confide in him on the supposition that he would be discreet. suppose,V.

suppress V./镇压;抑制;查禁/stifle; overwhelm; subdue; inhibit. Too polite to laugh in anyone's face, Roy did his best to suppress his amusement at Ed's inane remark.

surfeit V./饮食过度;恶心/satiate; stuff; indulge to excess in anything. Every Thanksgiving we are surfeited with an overabun­dance of holiday treats. also N.

surly ADJ./粗暴的;阴沉的;板着脸的;无礼的/rude; cross. Because of his surly attitude, many people avoided his company.

surmise V./猜测/guess. I surmise that he will be late for this meeting. also N.

surmount V./克服/overcome. Could Helen Keller, blind and deaf since childhood, surmount her physical disabilities and lead a productive life?

surpass V./超越/exceed. Her SAT I scores surpassed our expectations.

surreptitiousADJ./暗中的;秘密的/secret; furtive; sneaky; hidden. Hoping to discover where his mom had hidden the Christmas pre­sents, Timmy took a surreptitious peek into the master bed­room closet.

surrogate N./代理;代替/substitute. For a fatherless child, a male teacher may become a father surrogate.

surveillance N./监视;监督/watching; guarding. The FBI kept the house under constant surveillance in the hope of capturing all the criminals at one time,

susceptibleADJ./易受影响的;易感动的;易患病的/impressionable; easily influenced; having little resistance, as to a disease; receptive to. Said the patent medicine man to his verysusceptible customer: "Buy this new miracle drug, and you will no longer be sus­ceptible to the common cold."

sustain V./支撑;延续/experience; support; nourish. He sustained such a severe injury that the doctors feared he would be unable to work to sustain his growing family.

sustenanceN./食物;生计/means of support, food, nourishment. In the tropics, the natives find sustenance easy to obtain, due to all the fruit trees.

suture N./缝合;缝合处/stitches sewn to hold the cut edges of a wound or incision; material used in sewing. We will remove the sutures as soon as the wound heals. alsoV.

swagger V./大摇大摆;自大/behave arrogantly or pompously; strut or walk proudly. The conquering hero didn't simply stride down the street; he swaggered. also N.

swarm N./一大群;挤满,占满,蜂拥/dense moving crowd; large group of honey­bees. At the height of the city hall scandals, a constant swarm of reporters followed the mayor everywhere. alsoV.

swarthy ADJ./暗的;有雾的/dark; dusky. Despite the stereotypes, not all Italians are swarthy, many are fair and blond.

swathe V./包装物;绷带/wrap around; bandage. When I visited him in the hospital, I found him swathed in bandages.

swelter V./闷热;中暑/be oppressed by heat. I am going to buy an air conditioning unit for my apartment as I do not intend to swelter through another hot and humid summer.

swerve V./转向;突然转向/deviate; turn aside sharply. The car swerved wildly as the driver struggled to regain control of the wheel.

swill V./痛饮/drink greedily. Singing "Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum," Long John Silver and his fellow pirates swilled their grog.

swindler N./骗子/cheat. She was gullible and trusting, an easy victim for the first swindlerwho came along.

sybarite N./纵情逸乐之徒/lover of luxury. Rich people are not always sybarites; some of them have little taste for a life of luxury.

sycophant N./马屁精;阿谀奉承者/servile flatterer; bootlicker; yes man. Fed up with the toadies and flunkies who made up his entourage, the star cried, "Get out, all of you! I'm sick of sycophants!" sycophancy, N.

symbiosis N./共生现象/interdependent relationship (between groups, species), often mutually beneficial. Both the croco­dile bird and the crocodile derive benefit from their symbio­sis: pecking away at food particles embedded in the crocodile's teeth, the bird receives nourishment; the croco­dile, meanwhile, receives proper dental hygiene. symbiotic,ADJ.

symmetry N./对称;匀称/arrangement of parts so that balance is obtained; congruity. Something lopsided by definition lacks symmetry.

synoptic ADJ./概要的/providing a general overview; summary. The professor turned to the latest issue of Dissertation Abstracts for a synoptic account of what was new in the field. synop­SiS, N.

synthesis N./合成/combining parts into a whole. Now that we have succeeded in isolating this drug, our next problem is to plan its synthesis in the laboratory. synthesize,V.

table V./搁置/set aside a resolution or proposal for future con­sideration. Because we seem unable to agree on this issue at the moment, let us table the motion for now and come back to it at a later date.

tacit ADJ./默许的;会意的/understood; not put into words. We have a tacit agreement based on only a handshake.

taciturn ADJ./沉默寡言的/habitually silent; talking little. The stereotypi­cal cowboy is a taciturn soul, answering lengthy questions with a "Yep" or "Nope."

tactile ADJ./触觉的/pertaining to the organs or sense of touch. His callused hands had lost their tactile sensitivity.

taint V./污染,感染;污点/contaminate; cause to lose purity; modify with a trace of something bad. One speck of dirt on your utensils may contain enough germs to taint an entire batch of preserves.

talisman N./护身符;避邪物/charm to bring good luck and avert misfortune. Joe believed the carved pendant he found in Vietnam served him as a talisman and brought him safely through the war.

talon N./鸟爪/claw of bird. The falconer wore a leather gauntlet to avoid being clawed by the hawk's talons.

tangential ADJ./外围的;切线的/peripheral; only slightly connected; digressing. Despite Clark's attempts to distract her with tan­gential remarks, Lois kept on coming back to her main question: why couldn't he come out to dinner with Super­man and her?

tangible ADJ./可触摸的;真实的/able to be touched; real; palpable. Although Tom did not own a house, he had several tangible assets-a car, a television, a PC-that he could sell if he needed cash.

tanner N./皮革工人;6便士/person who turns animal hides into leather. Using a solution of tanbark, the tannertreated the cowhide, transforming it into supple leather.

tantalize V./逗弄;使其干着急/tease; torture with disappointment. Tom loved to tantalizehis younger brother with candy; he knew the boy was forbidden to have it.

tantamountADJ./同等的/equivalent in effect or value. Though Rudy claimed his wife was off visiting friends, his shriek of horror when she walked into the room was tantamount to a confession that he believed she was dead.


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