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【SAT词汇资料】SAT direct hits 部分必背单词(中英文释义)

2015年11月06日13:24 来源:小站整理
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摘要:今天汇总了SAT direct hits的部分单词,中英文释义都有的哈。希望对大家的备考有用!

【SAT词汇资料】SAT direct hits 部分必背单词(中英文释义)图1

今天汇总了sat direct hits的部分单词,中英文释义都有的哈。希望对大家的备考有用!

序号 词汇 英文释义 中文释义
1 ambivalent mixed feelings 矛盾
2 anomaly/atypical a deviation from the norm 异常/非典型
3 sarcastic/sardonic derisive mocking comments 讽刺、讥讽
4 dearth/paucity scarcity or shortage 缺乏/不足
5 prattle to babble incessantly 闲聊
6 wry dry humor 苦笑
7 unconventional/unorthodox not ordinary or typical 非常规的、非正统的
8 painstaking/meticulous/exacting highly detailed 艰苦、细致、严格的
9 audacious very bold; daring 大胆的
10 indifferent/apathetic lack of interest or concern 冷漠/冷漠
11 diffident lacking self-confidence 羞怯的,心虚的
12 pragmatic practical, sensible 务实
13 evocation an imaginative recreation 唤起
14 presumptuous overbearing; impertinently bold 放肆
15 recalcitrant/obdurate very stubborn, defiant 顽固的、冷酷的
16 boon a timely benefit 福音
17 bane a source of harm 祸根
18 clandestine/surreptitious secretive, not aboveboard, covert 秘密/秘密
19 affable/amiable/genial/gregarious agreeable, friendly 和蔼可亲的/亲切的/亲切/社交
20 confounded/perplexed/mystified puzzled, confused 该死的/困惑/困惑
21 prodigious enormous, massive 惊人的
22 ambiguous unclear, not definitive 暧昧
23 reproach/censure to scold, rebuke 谴责/指责
24 nostalgia a sentimental longing for the past 怀旧
25 conjecture/supposition an inference 猜想/假设
26 obsolete no longer in use 过时的
27 auspicious very favorable 吉祥
28 morose/despondent very depressed 郁闷、沮丧
29 impasse failure to reach an agreement 僵局
30 anachronism not in the proper time period 不合时宜
31 belie to give a false impression 掩饰
32 mitigate/mollify/assuage/alleviate to ease, relieve, lessen 减轻/安抚/减轻/缓解
33 covet to strongly desire; to crave 垂涎,渴望
34 antithesis/antipodal direct opposite 对立/反足
35 prototype an original model 原型
36 aloof detached, reserved 冷漠的,疏远的
37 trite/hackneyed/pedestrian/platitudinous/banal commonplace 陈腐老套的,平庸的
38 antecedent/forerunner a preceding event 先行/先驱
39 plausible believable 看似合理的,可信的
40 prudent careful, cautious 谨慎的
41 aesthetic an appreciation of what is beautiful or attractive 审美
42 paradox a seeming contraction that expresses a truth 悖论
43 enigmatic/inscrutable mysterious; baffling 神秘的、不可思议的
44 acquiesce to comply 默许
45 naïve/credulous unsophisticated 天真的/轻信的
46 autonomous independent 独立自主
47 futile doomed to failure 徒劳的
48 indigenous/endemic native to an area 本地的
49 ubiquitous/prevalent everywhere, widespread, prevalent 无处不在/流行
50 pandemic widespread epidemic 十分流行
51 fortitude strength of mind 刚毅的,坚韧的
52 diminutive very small 身材矮小的
53 archaic out of date 古老的
54 exhort to strongly encourage 鼓励的
55 antipathy/animosity strong dislike 反感/仇恨
56 digress to depart from a subject 偏题,跑题
57 tenacious showing great determination 顽强的
58 indulgent overly tolerant 放纵
59 polarize/divisive to break into opposing factions 极化/分裂
60 nebulous vague, lacking a fully developed form 模糊的
61 analogy a similarity or likeness 类比
62 fleeting/ephemeral very brief, short lived 转瞬即逝
63 penchant/predilection a preference for something; inclination 嗜好/偏好
64 capricious/mercurial fickle, constant shifting moods 任性、善变
65 boorish/uncouth vulgar, crude 粗鲁的/粗鲁
66 indignant outrage at something that is unjust 气恼的
67 innuendo a veiled reference 含沙射影
68 thwart/stymie to stop; frustrate 阻止/阻碍
69 adroit, deft, dexterous skillful 熟练的,灵巧的,灵巧的
70 admonish to earnestly caution 告诫
71 incontrovertible indisputable, beyond doubt 无可争议的事实
72 voracious/ravenous huge appetite, cannot be satisfied, insatiable 贪婪
73 callous insensitive 无情的
74 intrepid/undaunted fearless, courageous 勇敢的、无畏的
75 nonchalant casual indifference 不经意的
76 convoluted twisted, intricate 扭曲的,复杂的
77 itinerant mobile, not sedentary 巡回
78 poignant touching, heartrending 凄美的
79 impetus a stimulus or encouragement 动力
80 bucolic, rustic, pastoral charmingly rural 田园风光
81 equanimity calmness, composure 平静地
82 panache/verve dash and flamboyant 华丽,耀眼
83 provocative provokes controversy 挑衅
84 placid/serene very clam, quiet 平静/安详
85 fortuitous an accidental but fortunate occurrence 偶然的
86 dispel to drive away, scatter 消除
87 amalgam a mixture, combination of different elements 银汞合金
88 viable/feasible possible 可行的
89 anguish agonizing physical or mental pain 痛苦
90 intemperate lacking restraint, excessive 无节制的
91 superficial shallow, lacking depth
92 laud, extol, tout, acclaim praise, applaud 赞美,赞美,吹捧,好评
93 dismissive to reject, disregard 不屑一顾
94 disparage belittle, slight 贬低
95 pompous pretentious, filled with excessive self-importance 自大
96 cryptic mysterious, having a hidden meaning 神秘的
97 subtle a gradual, almost imperceptible change 微妙的
98 disparity an inequality, an imbalance 差距
99 curtail to cut short or reduce 缩减
100 innocuous harmless 无害
101 diatribe, tirade a bitter denunciation 谩骂,长篇大论
102 charlatan a fake, a fraud, a cheat 骗子
103 skeptic a doubter 怀疑论者
104 rhetorician an eloquent writer or speaker 雄辩家
105 hedonist seeker of pleasure 享乐主义者
106 ascetic a person who leads a life of self-denial 苦行僧
107 raconteur a person who excels in telling anecdotes 讲故事的人
108 iconoclast someone who attacks cherished ideas and institutions 传统的人
109 dilettante an amateur or dabbler 外行
110 partisan a person with biased beliefs 党派
111 mentor a teacher, a guide 导师
112 demagogue a speaker who appeals to emotions, fear or prejudices 煽动者
113 automation a person who acts in a mechanical fashion, a mindless follower 自动化
114 recluse a person who leads a secluded solitary life 隐士
115 bungler a clumsy or inept person 笨拙的人
116 clairvoyant a person who uses intuition to see into the future 透视
117 prognosticator a person who makes predictions based upon data 占卜者
118 pundit a professional commentator 专家
119 zealot a very enthusiastic person 狂热者
120 neophyte, novice, greenhorn a beginner 新手
121 benefactor a person who gives gifts 恩人
122 beneficiary a person who receives benefits 受益人
123 dissembler/prevaricator a liar, deceiver 伪君子
124 proponent/advocate a champion of a cause 支持者/推动人
125 prodigy a young genius 神童
126 oracle a person who is a source of wise counsel and prophetic advice 神谕
127 misanthrope a person who hates humankind 愤世嫉俗者
128 innovator a person who introduces something new 创新者
129 sycophant/obsequious a person who behaves in a servile manner, a toady 谄媚奉承的/
130 stoic a person who is impassive and emotionless 禁欲的,坚韧的
131 reprobate a morally unprincipled person 堕落的人
132 renegade a disloyal person 叛徒
133 draconian very strict laws and rules 严厉的
134 laconic, succinct, terse very concise, brief 简短的,简洁的,简洁的
135 spartan, austere plain,simple 斯巴达式的,简朴的
136 halcyon idyllically calm and tranquil 宁静
137 sophistry a deliberately misleading argument 诡辩
138 chimerical a fantastic scheme, unchecked imagination 空想的
139 ostracize to deliberately exclude from a group 放逐
140 impecunious poor, penniless, not affluent 可怜的,身无分文
141 nefarious extremely wicked, vile 邪恶的
142 jovial/jocular good-humored, cheerful 快乐的/诙谐
143 dirge a funeral hymn, mournful music 挽歌
144 maudlin excessively sentimental 伤感的
145 quixotic foolishly impractical 不切实际的
146 pandemonium a wild uproar, tumult 混乱
147 martinet a strict disciplinarian 严格的人
148 fiasco/debacle a complete failure 失败/崩溃
149 bowdlerize to remove or delete objectionable parts of a book 删改(书中令人反感的部分)
150 galvanize to electrify, stire into action 通电,激励
151 picayune something of small value, petty, trifling 花絮
152 gerrymander to divide a district so as to give one side an advantage 选区划分
153 maverick an independent person 特立独行
154 juggernaut an irresistible force 巨大的力量
155 serendipity an accidental but fortunate discovery 意外的发现
156 zenith and apex the highest point 顶点和顶点
157 nadir the lowest point 最低点
158 expunge, excise, expurgate delete, remove 消费,删除
159 eccentric an odd, unconventional person 偏心的人,非常规的
160 extricate to get out of a difficult situation 解脱
161 exemplary outstanding 示范的,典型的
162 enumerate to list, to tick off 列举
163 elusive out of reach, difficult to catch 难以捉摸的
164 exorbitant unreasonably expensive 过高的
165 repudiate, recant, renounce to take back, disavow 拒绝,否认
166 redundant doing or saying something again and again 多余的
167 relinquish to give something back 放弃,撤离
168 resilient to bounce back 弹性
169 reaffirm to assert again 重申
170 reticent to hold back one's thoughts and feelings 沉默
171 rebuff to repel or drive back, to reject 断然拒绝
172 renovate to make new again 更新
173 rejuvenate to make young again 振兴
174 resurgent to rise again, surge back 复活
175 deleterious harmful, injurious 有害的
176 decry to express strong disapproval 谴责
177 despondent, forlorn feeling downcast, dejected 沮丧,绝望
178 denounce to speak against 谴责
179 demise the final ending of something, the downfall 让位,转让,消亡
180 debunk to put down by exposing false claims 揭穿
181 deride to put down with contemptuous jeering 嘲笑
182 devoid completely lacking in something 缺乏
183 impeccable faultless, perfect 无可挑剔的
184 implacable not capable of being appeased 无情的
185 inexorable relentless, unstoppable 无情的
186 incoherent lacking organization or lock 缺乏组织
187 insurmountable not being capable of overcome 不可逾越的
188 irreverent lacking proper respect, disrespectful 不敬
189 circumspect, prudent cautious, careful 慎重的,谨慎的
190 circuitous circular and therefore indirect 迂回
191 circumvent to avoid by artful maneuvering 规避
192 circumscribe to narrowly restrict, to limit action, to draw a line around 限制
193 magnanimous generous and forgiving 宽宏大量的
194 erroneous filled with errors, wrongs 错误
195 momentous of great importance 重大的
196 mellifluous smooth and sweet flowing 流畅
197 ominous threatening and menacing 不祥的
198 acrimonious great bitterness 激烈的
199 copious abundant, a great amount 丰富的
200 abstemious moderate in eating and drinking 有节制的
201 malodorous foul smelling 恶臭
202 tedious boring and tiresome 乏味的
203 synopsis a brief summary 简介
204 simile a figure of speech using like or as to compare two unlike things 明喻
205 metaphor a figure of speech comparing two unlike things 隐喻
206 irony things are not what they are said to be or what they seem 具有讽刺意味的
207 satire a work that ridicules human vices and foibles 讽刺
208 hyperbole an exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect 夸张
209 caricature a deliberately exaggerated portrait 漫画
210 epic a long narrative poem 史诗
211 saga a long narrative story 传奇
212 euphony soothing, pleasant sound 谐音
213 cacophony jarring, grating sound 刺耳的声音
214 foreshadow suggest or indicate a future action, presage 预示
215 subplot a secondary plot in fiction or drama 情节
216 memoir a personal journal 回忆录
217 anecdote a short account of an interesting incident 轶事
218 eulogy a laudatory speech or written tribute 悼词
219 allusion an indirect or brief reference ot a person, place or event 典故
220 catalyst an agent that provokes or triggers a change 催化剂
221 caustic a stinging or bitter remark 尖酸刻薄地评价
222 synthetic produced artificially 人工合成
223 osmosis a gradual often unconscious process of assimilation 渗透
224 sedentary settled, not mobile 久坐不动的




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