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SAT(Barrons)巴朗3500基础词汇(List 21)

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下面小站SAT思频道为大家整理的SAT(Barrons)巴朗3500基础词汇(List 21),供考生们参考,以下是详细内容。


Word List 21 gainsay-gory

SAT(Barrons)巴朗3500基础词汇(List 21)图1

gainsay V./否认,拒绝/deny. She was too honest to gainsay the truth of the report.

gait N./步态,步法;速度/manner of walking or running; speed. The lame man walked with an uneven gait.

galaxy N./星系;一群显赫的人;一系列重要的人或物/large, isolated system of stars, such as the Milky Way; any collection of brilliant personalities. Science fiction stories speculate about the possible existence of life in other galaxies. The deaths of such famous actors as John Candy and George Burns tells us that the galaxy of Holly­wood superstars is rapidly disappearing.

gale N./大风;一阵感情的爆发/windstorm; gust of wind; emotional outburst (laughter, tears). The Weather Channel warned viewers about a rising gale, with winds of up to sixty miles per hour.

gall N./痛苦;烦恼;恼怒/bitterness; nerve. The knowledge of his failure filled him with gall.

gall V./惹恼;侮辱/annoy; chafe. Their taunts galled him.

galleon N./大帆船/large sailing ship. The Spaniards pinned their hopes on the galleon, the large warship; the British, on the smaller and faster pinnace.

galvanize V./电镀;刺激,激励/stimulate by shock; stir up; revitalize. News that the prince was almost at their door galvanized the ugly stepsisters into a frenzy of combing and primping.

gambit N./弃子抢先/opening in chess in which a piece is sacrificed. The player was afraid to accept his opponent's gambit because he feared a trap which as yet he could not see. gambol V.skip; leap playfully. Watching childrengambol-ing in the park is a pleasant experience. also N.

gamely ADV./勇敢的,有精神的/bravely; with spirit. Because he had fought gamely against a much superior boxer, the crowd gave him a standing ovation when he left the arena.

gamut N./整个领域/entire range. In this performance, the leading lady was able to demonstrate the complete gamut of her acting ability.

gape V./张着嘴呆看;裂缝/open widely; stare open-mouthed. The huge pit gaped before him; if he stumbled, he would fall in. Slack­jawed in wonder, Huck gaped at the huge stalactites hang­ing down from the ceiling of the limestone cavern.

garbled ADJ./混淆/mixed up; jumbled; distorted. A favorite party game involves passing a whispered message from one per­son to another until, by the time it reaches the last player, the message is totally garbled.

gargantuanADJ./巨大的/huge; enormous. The gargantuan wrestler was terrified of mice.

garish ADJ./俗气;颜色太杂/over-bright in color; gaudy. She wore a gaudy rhinestone necklace with an excessively garish gold lame dress.

garner V./收集,储存/gather; store up. She hoped to garner the world's literature in one library.

garnish V./装饰/decorate. Parsley was used to garnish the boiled potato. also N.

garrulous ADJ./贫嘴/loquacious; wordy; talkative. My Uncle Henry can out-talk any three people I know. He is the most garrulous person in Cayuga County. garrulity, N.

gauche ADJ./粗笨的,粗糙的/clumsy; coarse and uncouth. Compared to the sophisticated young ladies in their elegant gowns, tomboyish Jo felt gauche and out of place.

gaudy ADJ./华而不实的/flashy; showy. The newest Trump skyscraper is typically gaudy,covered in gilded panels that gleam in the sun.

gaunt ADJ./瘦骨嶙峋,憔悴;荒芜/lean and angular; barren. His once round face looked surprisingly gaunt after he had lost weight.

gavel N./棒槌/hammerlike tool; mallet. "Sold!" cried the auction­eer, banging her gavel on the table to indicate she'd accepted the final bid.

gawk V./张着嘴呆看/stare foolishly; look in open-mouthed awe. The country boygawked at the skyscrapers and neon lights of the big city.

genealogy N./家谱/record of descent; lineage. He was proud of his genealogy and constantly referred to the achievements of his ancestors.

generality N./一般性/vague statement. This report is filled with generalities; be more specific in your statements.

generate V./产生;创造/cause; produce; create. In his first days in office, President Clinton managed to generate a new mood of optimism; we just hoped he could generate some new jobs.

generic ADJ./普通的/characteristic of an entire class or species. Sue knew so many computer programmers who spent their spare time playing fantasy games that she began to think that playing Dungeons & Dragons was a generic trait.

genesis N./发源,源头/beginning; origin. Tracing the genesis of a fam­ily is the theme ofRoots.

geniality N./亲切;同情/cheerfulness; kindliness; sympathy. This restaurant is famous and popular because of the geniality of the proprietor who tries to make everyone happy.

genre N./风格(文学、艺术)/particular variety of art or literature. Both a short story writer and a poet, Langston Hughes proved himself equally skilled in either genre.

genteel ADJ./上流的/well-bred; elegant. We are looking for a man with a genteelappearance who can inspire confidence by his cultivated manner.

gentility N./有教养,文雅/those of gentle birth; refinement. Her family was proud of itsgentility and elegance.

gentry N./贵族/people of standing; class of people just below nobility. The local gentrydid not welcome the visits of the summer tourists and tried to ignore their presence in the community.

germane ADJ./密切相关/pertinent; bearing upon the case at hand. The judge refused to allow the testimony to be heard by the jury because it was not germane to the case.

germinal ADJ./未成熟的,幼芽的/pertaining to a germ; creative. Such an idea is germinal, I am certain that it will influence thinkers and philosophers for many generations.

germinate V./发芽/cause to sprout; sprout. After the seeds ger­minate and develop their permanent leaves, the plants may be removed from the cold frames and transplanted to the garden.

gesticulation N./动作;手势/motion; gesture. Operatic performers are trained to make exaggerated gesticulations because of the large auditoriums in which they appear.

ghastly ADJ./恐怖的/horrible. The murdered man was a ghastly sight.

gibberish N./胡话;嘟囔/nonsense; babbling. Did you hear that fool boy spouting gibberishabout monsters from outer space? gibber,V.

gibe V./嘲笑/mock. As you gibe at their superstitious beliefs, do you realize that you, too, are guilty of similarly foolish thoughts?

giddy ADJ./眼花缭乱/light-hearted; dizzy. He felt his giddy youth was past.

gingerly ADV./小心翼翼地/very carefully. To separate egg whites, first crack the egg gingerly.

girth N./方圆;周围环境/distance around something; circumference. It took an extra-large cummerbund to fit around Andrew Carnegie's considerable girth.

gist N./精华/essence. She was asked to give the gist of the essay in two sentences.

glacial ADJ./冰河的,冰川的/like a glacier; extremely cold. Never a warm person, when offended John could seem positively glacial.

glaring ADJ./耀眼的/highly conspicuous; harshly bright. Glaring spelling or grammatical errors in your resume will unfavor­ably impress potential employers.

glaze V./上釉/cover with a thin and shiny surface. The freezing rain glazed the streets and made driving hazardous. also N.

glib ADJ./光滑,柔顺;口齿伶俐,圆滑/fluent; facile; slick. Keeping up a steady patter to entertain his customers, the kitchen gadget salesman was a glib speaker, never at a loss for a word.

glimmer V./闪烁/shine erratically; twinkle. In the darkness of the cavern, the glowworms hanging from the cavern roof glim­mered like distant stars,

gloat V./垂涎;幸灾乐祸,洋洋得意/express evil satisfaction; view malevolently. As you gloat over your ill-gotten wealth, do you think of the many victims you have defrauded?

glossary N./词汇表/brief explanation of words used in the text. I have found the glossary in this book very useful; it has elim­inated many trips to the dictionary.

gloss over V./掩盖/explain away. No matter how hard he tried to talk around the issue, President Bush could not gloss over the fact that he had raised taxes after all.

glossy ADJ./光滑有光泽的/smooth and shining. I want this photograph printed on glossy paper, not matte.

glower V./瞪着,愤怒的看着/scowl. The angry boy glowered at his father.

glut V./充斥;过量/overstock; fill to excess. The many manufacturers glutted the market and could not find purchasers for the excess articles they had produced. also N.

glutton N./暴饮暴食者,饭桶/someone who eats too much. When Mother saw that Bobby had eaten all the cookies, she called him a little glutton. gluttonous,ADJ.

gnarled ADJ./扭曲/twisted. The gnarled oak tree had been a landmark for years and was mentioned in several deeds.

gnome N./地精;小矮人;土地公公/dwarf; underground spirit. In medieval mythol­ogy, gnomes were the special guardians and inhabitants of subterranean mines.

goad V./刺激;激励;驱策/urge on. He was goaded by his friends until he yielded to their wishes. also N.

gorge N./峡谷/small, steep-walled canyon. The white-water raft­ing guide warned us about the rapids farther downstream, where the river cut through a narrow gorge.

gorge V./狼吞虎咽/stuff oneself. The gluttonous guest gorged him­self with food as though he had not eaten for days.

gory ADJ./血腥的/bloody. The audience shuddered as they lis­tened to the details of the gory massacre.




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